5 Fireworks Safety Tips & Tricks for Dog Parents

The 4th of July is coming up, and you know what that means? FIREWORKS!

This year the firework festivities might have a different look and feel with the cancelation of annual firework display events or residents purchasing their legal fireworks to set off in their front yard.

As much as humans love the sparkles in the sky, you know who doesn’t like fireworks? DOGS!

Independence Day is known for the most popular day for pets to go missing in the U.S., and Hawaii is no different than the mainland in this scenario.

Here are a few tips and tricks dog parents can do to keep their pups safe:

1. KEEP THEM INDOORS: The most responsible thing you can do as a dog mom or dog dad is to keep your pup safe and secure inside your home.

2. DO NOT LEAVE THEM OUTSIDE: The sound of fireworks sounds like a war zone (take it from me, I know what that sounds like), and their “fight or flight” is going to kick in with flight being their best option.

3. MICROCHIP YOUR PETS: In the event your pet takes off, make sure they have a microchip, and your information is up-to-date. Double-check with the company your pup’s chip is from that they have your current phone number and any additional contact information in their system.
If you live on Oahu, as of July 1, 2020, it is mandated by the City & County of Honolulu that ALL pets have a microchip.

4. A SAFE PLACE: Give your pets (no matter their species) a safe place inside your home. If you notice that the bathroom, closet, kennel, or bedroom makes your dog feel safe, set them up in that area with a comfy bed, blanket, and a radio to help drown out the noise.

5. CALMING AIDS: There are many products out on the market today from Thundershirts, CBD products, and essential oils to help calm your pets naturally during stressful times.
Sometimes your pup may need just one or a combination of all of these to feel better.
In some cases, your fur kid may need something a little more substantial from your veterinarian, so be sure to get their medication immediately.

Remember, although you love all the firework fun, your pup may not be a fan. Set your furry family member and yourself up for success and a safe 4th of July weekend.

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