5 Things You Need to Know About Dog Swimming Safety

The first official day of summer is just a couple weeks away, and many pups are hitting the beach, pools, lakes, or rivers with their ohana.

Here are 5 dog swimming safety tips and tricks to keep your pups safe during some water fun:

1. Make your dog comfortable with the water beforehand: Dogs need to learn to swim just like humans. 

Playfully tossing your dog into the water is NEVER a good idea and can lead to traumatizing them and an overwhelming fear of the water.

2. Remember that not all dogs are natural swimmers: Certain breeds like English Bulldogs or French Bulldogs, can experience a harder time swimming, so take extra precautions to ensure their safety.

Doggie life vests are a great way to help keep them afloat in the water, but shouldn’t be the only solution for pups that are not strong swimmers.

3. Clean your dog’s ears after swimming: Moisture in the ears (especially with dogs who have long floppy ears) can easily set up an ear infection.

Ocean water can cause a nasty bacterial infection that could eat through their eardrum.

4. Train your dog to learn where the pool steps are to get out: If your dog should happen to fall into the pool, they need to know how they can get out, more so if you are not around or not close enough to get to them in time.

5. Always keep a close eye on your dog when they are in or around the water: Never trust that your dog will get out or won’t run into trouble while swimming.

Like toddlers and children, make sure to always keep an eye on them just in case you need to step in to help them out.

Swimming safety is vital for humans and their pets. Block access to any bodies of water in the event you are not around or can’t keep a close watch over your dog.

Avoid emergency trips to the vet or worse with these swimming safety tips and have some excellent summertime water fun with your furry ohana.

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