Canadian Aloha for Canines: Bark Industry

Our friends up north are showing the aloha spirit to canines!

Bark Industry CEO Tony Bark
Photo Credit: Bark Industry (CEO Tony Bark with Doggy Backpack)

Bark Industry is a small based Canadian company headed by CEO Tony Bark (pictured above) with a mission to “provide the most comfortable and awesome gear to pups around the world.”

Inspired by not finding the right gear for Tony, this ohana put their minds together to develop some pretty fun and great pet accessories for all dogs to wear and enjoy.

Bark Industry Dog Backpack
Photo Credit: Bark Industry (Doggy Backpack)

Bark Industry’s pet accessories have fun prints for canines everywhere, and a few with a touch of the aloha spirit.

A fun fact about Bark Industry is they donate to the Maui Humane Society.

Bark Industry Cooling Vest
Photo Credit: Bark Industry (Cooling Vest)

On one of their many trips to Maui, owners, and humans behind Bark Industry, Yves and Anna visited the Maui Humane Society. They took an adoptable dog out in support of the MHS Beach Buddy Program.

After a very memorable day with pup Uncle Finn, they became inspired to give back and designate a portion of their Bark Industry sales to the Maui Humane Society.

Now that’s what I call sharing the aloha spirit!

I placed an order for their doggy backpack and was beyond surprised by the item’s fantastic quality.

Bark Industry (Doggy Backpack)
Photo Credit: Bark Industry (Doggy Backpack)

The backpack is exceptionally roomy, and your dog can easily carry their favorite treats and toys inside. It also has a built-in poop bag holder.

The backpack comes with a harness to easily fit comfortably around your pup, and it stays in place too.

In addition to their backpacks, I have also gotten their cooling vests, which is a must-have for those hot, muggy Hawaii days.

Bark Industry (Cooling Vest)
Photo Credit: Bark Industry (Cooling Vest)

The cooling vests stay comfortably fitted around your dog and include a built-in harness hook that you can attach a leash to when out for walks.

Bark Industry’s cooling vest works like a “swamp cooler.” Rinse the vest under cold water, wring it out, and place it on your dog. As your dog walks or runs around, the breeze over the wet vest keeps your pup cool.

Their harness is a great fitting, sturdy, and super reflective for those nightly walks with your dog.

Bark Industry Dog Harness
Photo Credit: Bark Industry (Harness)

With a comfortable snug fit around your dog, the harness won’t choke or move around while your dog is walking and prevents them from slipping it off and potentially running away.

Bark Industry is always adding to its pet accessory line, and they never disappoint with their items.

If you’re looking into some new gear for your pup or want to see what our friends from the North are all about, then be sure to check out Bark Industry and spread the aloha to Canada too!

This post was a non-sponsored product review about Bark Industry.

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