Let Them Chew with Aloha

Keeping our dogs’ teeth clean is a struggle, am I right or what? It can be challenging to try to brush your dog’s teeth on a daily basis, but how about a dog toy that helps clean our pup’s teeth with a natural material inspired by Hawaii?

Aloha Dog Mom Coco Chew Review

CocoChew is a dog toy made out of coconut husk that not only keeps our dogs entertained but cleans their teeth at the same time.

The team behind this toy found that the fibers from the coconut shell scrub your dog’s teeth and cleans the gums while chewing the toy.

While on a trip to Hawaii, CocoChew founder Chip Linton, observed stray dogs entertaining themselves chewing on coconut husks. 

Coco Chew Small Ball

He was inspired to create a toy that could clean their teeth naturally without any harmful side effects.

I’ve tried out a couple of other coconut husks type toys for my dogs, but they got messy pretty quick. 

CocoChews are tightly woven into a braided rope or ball, which makes clean up effortless and last longer too.

CocoChews are not treats; however, if your dog happens to ingest a bit of the toy, these toys are not made up of any harmful materials that can make them sick.

Coco Chew Large Ball

As dog parents and dog enthusiasts, the creators of CocoChews know how important our dogs are, and they are making it their mission “to provide them with the very best the planet has to offer.”

Taking care of the islands of Hawaii is essential, and CocoChew enables pet owners to provide their dogs toys that are eco-friendly without damaging the planet.

If you have a pup who likes to chew, or maybe you want to see what this company has to offer, then check out CocoChew to learn more about this company inspired by the aloha spirit.

This blog was a non-sponsored product review on Coco Chew.

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