Below are companies and small businesses in which I have been given a discount code to provide my audience with ways to save a little on their online purchases.

Any business with a * indicates that I am an affiliate with them and may be given a small commission thanks to your purchase.

FiDog Collar (Save when you use code 333H4M):

Headlight Harness (Save 20% when you use code ALOHA20):

Kaykos Dog Shades (Save when you use code Juju):

Pets United (Save 15% when you use code ALOHAROCKS15) *:

Poco Pet (Save 10% when you use code ALOHA) *:

Pop Your Pup (Save when you use code ALOHADOGMOMPOP10) *:

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Ripley & Rue (Save 10% with code ALOHARIPLEYRUE) *: