Dog Treats with Aloha: Paradise Pawz

From the land where palm trees sway, and rainbows are plenty, you can find a little small local business making their mark in the pet industry with aloha while creating some of the most healthy treats for your pups.

Paradise Pawz is a Hawaii small business located on Oahu’s island and dedicated to making healthy natural treats for dogs while sourcing many of their ingredients from local Hawaii farms.

Boss lady, dog enthusiast, head honcho, and chef Michelle Ichikawa has carefully researched all ingredients to achieve the best recipes for all her creations while placing close attention on the health benefits each component has for your pup.

P.J. getting a taste of a Paradise Pawz Chicken Jerky

Along with traditional treats like chicken or beef liver jerky, Michelle makes unique pastries for your four-legged friend, mimicking human pastries you would find at your local bakeries like donuts with sprinkles and cupcakes, cookies, cannolis, and more.

Yuki enjoying a Paradise Pawz Pup-cake

All pastries from Paradise Pawz are gluten and grain-free. Their pastries do not contain any sugar, vegetable oil, fillers, or preservatives.

Apollo getting ready to munch on a Paradise Pawz frosted cookie

If your pup has a special diet or you’re not sure which treats are best suited for your furry companion, Paradise Pawz prides itself by doing in-depth research and develop education in canine nutrition. Michelle often seeks additional advice from veterinarians to ensure she makes the safest and healthiest treats for our dogs.

Julian enjoying Paradise Pawz PB & Ginger Biscuit

In addition to treats, Michelle creates some of the most fantastic custom dog cakes to celebrate any special occasion for your pup.

Leopard Print Themed Custom Cake by Paradise Pawz

I placed an order for not one, but two custom cakes, with Paradise Pawz and I, was beyond pleased with her work. I didn’t have an exact idea in mind of what I wanted for each cake, but I gave Michelle the general concepts I wanted for each cake.

Pilar getting ready to take a taste of her leopard print themed birthday cake

The cake that surprised me the most was the “hot dog” inspired cake made to celebrate my Mini Dachshund’s birthday. Here I thought I would have a cake with a hot dog drawn on top, but Michelle made the cake look like an actual hot dog, down to the little wrapper hot dogs come in when you order them from a stand.

Franklin’s Hot Dog Birthday Cake by Paradise Pawz

Thanks to her carefully selected ingredients and crafted recipes, all treats and cakes have a pretty good shelf life, so you don’t have to worry about your pups treats going bad within a week or two.

Franklin getting a bite of his hot dog birthday cake

You can easily find Paradise Pawz at local weekend farmers markets: Kaka’ako Farmer’s Market (Saturday) 8:00a to 12:00p, Pearlridge Farmer’s Market (Saturday) 8:00a to 12:00p, and Kailua Town Farmer’s Market (Sunday) 8:00a to 12:00p.

Sophie can’t get enough of Paradise Pawz Pineapple Crunch Cookies

Want to pick up some treats? I suggest you get to any of the locations above as soon as the markets open up as Paradise Pawz tends to sell out rather quickly.

Don’t live locally, or your schedule doesn’t permit you to get the farmer’s markets? Paradise Pawz accepts orders online via their website and will have your order shipped directly to your door (link below).

So if you’re looking for some healthy natural dog treats or need a cake to celebrate a special occasion for your pup, then be sure to check out Paradise Pawz and support local Hawaii small business today!

Paradise Pawz

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