Dogs Are The Best: Here’s Why

Why are dogs the best?

Dogs Are The Best

What is it about dogs that make them the best? A question that has been asked many times and has a million different answers.

I’ll be honest, I never really appreciated dogs until my dog Julian.

Thanks to Julian, I see dogs on a whole new level and can stand behind the reason why many canine enthusiasts think dogs are the best.

After reading this post, you will learn a few reasons why dogs are the best  and the impact dogs have made in human lives.

This blog is about why dogs are the best.

Reasons Why Dogs Are The Best

Dogs are the best life coaches.

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Have you ever noticed what goals you have always wanted but never dared to go for?

Maybe you wanted to focus on improving your health but never really had the motivation. Ever notice how your dog has become your secret fitness coach by motivating you to go on daily walks, hikes, or runs?

Did you have a career you hated and wish you could do something else? Suddenly, you find inspiration to start your own business, thanks to your dog.

Dogs have this hidden ability to encourage us to make life changes without realizing it.

Aloha Dog Mom Blog Hawaii

I lost my purpose in life after my military career suddenly ended after sustaining injuries during my deployment in Afghanistan.

I found myself at this crossroads and was just lost. I was miserable working at jobs I was good at and not having the support system I needed to find something new.

My dogs inspired me to create this blog with a new purpose to help dog parents and start my journey as a Pet First Aid and CPR Instructor.

I didn’t need Tony Robbins; my dogs gave me all the support and courage I could ask for.

Dogs are the best examples of how to just live life.

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Have you ever been worried about what other people would think? If you say no, you’re lying.

We have all been concerned about what other people would say at one point in our life.

Dogs just live their lives, not giving a flying ball what any other dog or human thinks. Dogs are just living in the moment and appreciate every part that moment brings.

How much better would we all be if we just took a cue from dogs, lived our lives, and enjoyed every minute?

Dogs are the best at expressing unconditional love.

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Want to know what “unconditional love” is truly about? Look to your dog for the answer.

Dogs love their humans without any type of judgment.

When you see a homeless person with a dog, do you think that dog cares that their dog mom or dog dad is homeless? No, they don’t.

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Your dog doesn’t care how many mistakes you’ve made in life, your clothes, or how many followers you have on Instagram.

Your dog only cares about Y.O.U.

When a dog loves you, it’s forever and always…no matter what.

Dogs are the best friends

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As the old school 80s song “Friends” by Whodini goes, “Friends, how many of us have them? Friends. Ones we can depend on.”

Dogs can provide companionship on an incredible level.

Thanks to social media, dogs have been given the best opportunity to prove the truth behind the saying, “a dog is a man’s best friend.”

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The stories about the positive and powerful impact the friendship of a dog has provided across the world are endless.

From helping a shy little kid come out of their shell to filling a void in an elderly widow’s life to saving a military war veteran from their darkest moments, the friendship a dog is truly phenomenal.

Your dog will faithfully be there through your most challenging, saddest, greatest, and best moments in life, no questions asked.

It wasn’t until I reached my 30s (I’m 44 years old now) that I realized the meaning behind the term “friend.”

Aloha Dog Mom Honolulu

During some of my most trying times, I realized my “friends” were nowhere to be found.

It bothered me for a while, and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve shed a few tears over it, but then one day, I was blessed with the best friend I could ever ask for, my dog Julian.

During a session with my psychiatrist (yes I have shrink), I was asked “who is your ride or die?” Without missing a beat, I point towards Julian and said “him”.

Julian has been there to lift me up when others have let me down and continue to be my biggest cheerleader.

As you have read, there are many reasons why dogs are the best and there are many more reasons out there.

So why are dogs the best? Because they are!

This blog was about why dogs are the best.

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