5 Fun English Bulldog Facts That You May Not Know About

5 Fun English Bulldog Facts that you may not know about.

English Bulldog Facts

One of the most popular dog breeds in the US, especially in Los Angeles and New York City, the English Bulldogs can guarantee to put a smile on your face without even trying.

It’s not hard to understand how their wrinkly faces and stocky bodies have won the hearts of many and continue to grow in popularity with their bigger-than-life personalities.

As an English Bulldog fan, I came across a few interesting facts that may just surprise a fellow English Bulldog lover.

This post is about five fun English Bulldog facts that you may not know about.

Fun English Bulldog Facts

1. A great friend to all.

English Bulldog Layla and her feathered friend

English Bulldogs have excellent temperaments due to their friendly and loving nature. They were bred for bull-baiting initially, but through the years, they have decided it’s better to be a lover than a fighter.

Due to their sweet personalities, English Bulldogs are not only happy-making human friends but can be fantastic companions to any other animal they come across. You definitely got a friend in an English Bulldog, no matter your species.

2. They can run.

English Bulldog Layla going for a run

They may not be up to running marathons, but English Bulldogs can run up to 15 MPH; they may just need a little motivation to get going.

Although 15 MPH may not sound all that impressive, that’s the same speed an average human can run. Impressed now?

3. That look though.

English Bulldog Layla giving side eye

Make no mistake about it, but one of the funny things about English Bulldogs is the amount of disappointment they can demonstrate with just one look.

I don’t think another dog breed out there can throw so much shade with their side-eye than an English Bulldog.

4. When they’re done, game over!

English Bulldog Layla taking a nap

English Bulldogs have no problem whatsoever using their weight to keep them from having to do anything they don’t want to. When an English Bulldog has decided they are done for the day, they mean it.

English Bulldogs take living their best life with rest and relaxation very seriously. Once they have plopped down to watch their favorite show with their human or take a nice long nap, good luck trying to move them.

5. A true “devil dog”.

English Bulldog Layla USMC Mascot

English Bulldogs are a very popular mascot for schools and universities across the country. Their popularity has even extended into the US Armed Forces.

English Bulldogs have been proudly serving as the official mascot for the United States Marine Corps since 1957.


English Bulldog Layla smiling at the beach

I was honored to feature one of the sweetest English Bulldog’s I know here in Hawaii, Layla. She is 70 pounds of squishy cuteness, who loves her mama and is not sorry about that. When she isn’t hamming up for the camera, you can find Layla taking in the Hawaii Pet Life on her floatie at the beach or see her rollin (but don’t be hating) in her mini Toyota Tundra. If you’re a brand new English Bulldog fan or a seasoned English Bulldog lover, be sure to follow Layla on Instagram @bully_love_ to see her living her best Hawaii Pet Life.

There are over 10 types of known bulldog breeds and now you just learned a few fun facts about English Bulldogs.

This blog was about five fun English Bulldog facts that you may not know.

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