Fi Dog Collar: Keep Track of Your Dog and More!

Keeping track of your dog while off leash or even more so when they are an escape artist is crucial for any dog parent out there.

The last thing any dog mom or dog dad is to lose track of your dog in any circumstances, but finding an easy way to keep on top of your pup the moment they are out of sight has posed tons of challenges.

Those challenges are starting to get a little better thanks to one of the newest collars available today…Fi Dog Collar!

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Fi dog collar is a simple looking dog collar with a GPS tracker directly connected to a smartphone app that uses satellites to zone in on your dog’s whereabouts, allowing you to find your dog as quickly as possible.

Fi uses the LTE M technology that enables signals and communications to reach “30% farther than 3G/4G/5G/LTE networks”.

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A fantastic feature of Fi is their escape detection. On the app, you set up zones in which the collar detects. If your pup is out of the “safe zone,” you automatically get alerted via a notification directly from the app and a text message that lets you know as soon as possible your pup is not in an area where they are supposed to be.

I think this is amazing for when your pup is at home and may have gotten out of the yard or, worse, taken. With a notification, you can take quick action, which is crucial when your dog goes missing.

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Along with receiving a notification, you can GEO locate on the app with the Lost Dog Mode. The app will signal your dog’s collar and change the LED light feature to a flashing red color. At the same time, you will be able to track your dog’s location in real-time, allowing you to find your dog as quickly as possible.

Other great features that come with this collar is that it’s waterproof (30 mins completely submerged in water) as well as saltwater resistance, easy to clean, resistant to bites and very well secured to wear thanks to their aluminum armored faceplate and reinforced internal metal armor, activity tracker, and more.

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Unlike typical bulky GPS trackers out there on the market, Fi dog collars are the complete opposite. The tracker device is relatively small and blends with the collar, which doesn’t bother the dog one bit while they’re wearing it, as you can see in the various pictures included on this blog.

I currently have the first version of Fi, but Fi dog has come out with an upgraded version of their collars, Fi Series 2. This new upgraded version of their collar is better than ever with better network connection, direct connections to any WiFi networks that help save energy and battery life, and withstand a pull force of 300 pounds.

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Anyone who orders a Fi dog collar will automatically receive the Fi Series 2. If you currently own the Fi Series 1, you will need to upgrade.

Generally, Fi dog collars aren’t made for tiny dog breeds; however, Fi collaborates with a few small dog collar designer businesses. You can purchase a different design and size collar that you can easily attach to the Fi device.

Now I’m not going to lie, there is a bit of an investment that accompanies purchasing a Fi dog collar. Each collar retails for $149 US dollars. However, if you have a dog who is an escape artist, this is a collar worth looking into and purchasing if you can.

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You can save $15 off your first order by signing up for Fi’s newsletter, or you can get a free collar by using my code 333H4M.

If you’re interested in learning more about Fi dog collar, click the link below to head over to the website and get to know more about this pretty phenomenal dog collar today.

Fi Dog Collar:

*Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored. I paid for the collars myself.

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