Always Know Where to Find Your Pup with Fi Smart Dog Collar

Dogs wander away from their owners sometimes, but it can be scary when a dog parent can’t find their dog anywhere.

Fi Smart Dog Collar

Keeping track of your dog while off-leash on a hike or if your dog is infamous for being an escape artist is crucial for any dog parent out there.

As a dog mom, I know the last thing any dog parent wants to do is lose track of their dog, but finding an easy way to keep on top of your pup the moment they are out of sight has posed challenges for many dog parents.

However, those challenges are improving thanks to one of the newest dog collars available today…Fi Smart Dog Collar!

This post will introduce and review Fi Smart Dog Collar, a sleek little helper for dog parents to keep track of their furry family members.

This blog review is all about Fi Smart Dog Collar.

Always Know Where to Find Your Pup with Fi Smart Dog Collar

What is Fi Smart Dog Collar?

Fi Smart Dog Device and Colla
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Fi smart dog collar is a simple and casual style dog collar with a GPS tracker device directly connected to a smartphone app.

The smartphone app uses satellites to zone in on your dog’s whereabouts, allowing you to find your dog as quickly as possible should your dog go missing.

How does this device work?

Dog Wearing a Fi Smart Dog Collar

Fi Smart Dog Collar has an escape detection feature. On the app, you set up what are known as “safe zones” for your dog in which the collar monitors.

A safe zone is a radius you set in which your dog should be in, like your home and the immediate surrounding area around your property.

If your pup steps out of the designated “safe zone,” you get alerted immediately with a direct notification from the app and a text message sent to your smartphone. These alerts allow you to know the moment your pup is not where they are suppose to be.

Cute Dog Wearing a Fi Smart Dog Collar
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Now another hidden feature for this device, not only does it detect when your dog is out of the safe zone, but it also detects when your dog is not with you or anyone that is designated to be with your dog.

The device also monitors who your dog is with, so if this is a full-on “stranger danger scenario,” your alert will let you know.

I think this is amazing for when your pup is at home and may have gotten out of the yard or, worse, taken.

You can take quick action with a simple text message, which is crucial when your dog goes missing.

But wait, there’s more!

Dog Wearing a Custom Fi Smart Dog Collar
Photo Credit: Fi Smart Dog Collar

Along with receiving a the alert notifications, you can GEO locate on the app with the Fi’s Lost Dog Mode.

The app will signal the device on your dog’s collar and change the LED light feature to a flashing red color.

At the same time, you will be able to track your dog’s location in real-time, allowing you to find your dog as quickly as possible.

Fi Smart Dog Collar App Features
Photo Credit: Fi Smart Dog Collar

In addition to the GPS capabilities, you can also track your pup’s steps and create “fitness goals” for some cardio fun.

You can also have some friendly competition to see how your pup ranks among other Fi Smart Dog Collar users locally or nation-wide.

Curious to know if your dog is sleeping too much? Or maybe not getting enough rest; well, you can track that too on Fi’s smartphone app.

Fi Smart Dog Collar style features

Fi Smart Dog Collar Kit
Photo Credit: Fi Smart Dog Collar

Unlike typical bulky GPS trackers on the market, Fi Smart Dog Collars are the complete opposite.

The collar device is relatively small and blends with the collar, which doesn’t bother the dog while they’re wearing it, as you can see in the various pictures on this blog.

In addition, the collar device is waterproof (tested for 30 minutes completely submerged in water), has saltwater resistance, is easy to clean, and is resistant to bites or avid chewers.

Thanks to its aluminum armored faceplate and reinforced internal metal armor, the collar’s hardware is very well secured.

Fi Smart Dog Collar Device with Pawties Custom Collar
Photo Credit: PawTies

The standard collar that comes with all orders is available in Yellow, Gray, Blue, or Pink Ombre.

However, Fi has a list on their website of designated third party small businesses, known as Fi Makers, they work with who create different collar design options.

Companies like PawTies (pictured above), Cycle Dog, and Ripley & Rue, have various colors, designs, and materials to choose from if you’re looking for a more customized look to your dog’s collar.

It’s important to know that when you are buying from any Fi Maker, you are only purchasing the collar, the device does not come included.

Peace of Mind

Dog at the Beach with Fi Smart Dog Collar
Photo Credit: Fi Smart Dog Collar

When you purchase a Fi Smart Dog Collar online, you will receive the Fi Series 2, the second version of their device, with a better network connection, directly connects to any WiFi network to help save energy and battery life, and withstands a pull force of 300 pounds.

I purchased the first version of Fi a couple of years ago when I first came across their company, but when Fi Series 2 came out, I had no problem upgrading my device.

My husband took my dog Penelope Jane, to the vet one day shortly after I got the collar. The moment P.J. was out of the designated safe zone and not within range of my phone, Fi jumped into action and alerted me. I actually didn’t know about the owner monitoring feature, until that first notification came in. Once my husband downloaded the app and I added him to the account, I would still receive the notice that P.J. was outside of the designated safe zone but with my husband.

Corgi Wearing the Pink Ombre Fi Smart Dog Collar
Photo Credit: Fi Smart Dog Collar

Although off the bat, the price of a Fi Smart Dog Collar can be a little steep for some dog parents budget, but I HIGHLY recommend following Fi on social media (Instagram @fi.dogs or Facebook @dogcollarsbyfi) as they always have great discount code offers available.

If you have a pup who is known to wander away from home or you’re just looking to be a proactive responsible dog parent, then check out Fi Smart Dog Collar today.

This blog review post was all about Fi Smart Dog Collar.

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