5 Fun Facts About Golden Retrievers You May Not Know

Fun facts about Golden Retrievers you may not know.

Fun Facts About Golden Retrievers

In honor of the pet holiday, National Golden Retriever Day, I found some fun facts about Golden Retrievers you may not know.

Through my dog boarding business and over seven years in the pet industry, I have come across my fair share of Golden Retrievers. I can understand why this breed is beloved by so many and how they are the go-to dogs for families across the country.

These fun and interesting facts about Golden Retrievers could impress your fellow dog peeps at that next trivia meet-up.

This blog is about fun facts about Golden Retrievers you may not know.

5 Fun Facts About Golden Retrievers You May Not Know

1. The first post on Instagram was of a Golden Retriever.1st Instagram Post

Instagram Co-Founder Kevin Systrom uploaded a picture of a Golden Retriever while he was vacationing in Mexico. Kevin had stopped by a taco stand and noticed the pup hanging out and greeting the humans. 

During its testing phase, Kevin’s newest furry amigo was part of the first set of pictures uploaded on July 16, 2010.

Sadly the pup’s pic did not go viral and was not officially seen by Instagram users until the app became available to the public in October 2010.

2. Golden Retrievers are popular on Instagram.Instagram Popular

It may not be of total surprise, but a fun fact about Golden Retrievers is they are the third most popular dog breed on Instagram. Why are Golden Retrievers so popular?

Golden Retrievers are popular among humans because of their overall mellow and friendly temperaments. Golden Retrievers are intelligent, which makes them easy to train. Their personalities come through the camera, making them a favorite among Instagram dog lovers worldwide. 

I know what you’re thinking, who are the top two most popular dog breeds? The top two most popular dog breeds on Instagram are Chihuahuas and French Bulldogs. 

3. Golden Retrievers change over time.Golden Retriever Life Stages

Things to know about Golden Retrievers’ fur, their coat will change in color as they begin to age. An interesting fact about the coat of a Golden Retriever is it becomes darker as their permanent coat color starts to sit in at around 12 weeks in age. 

Just as humans see the signs of aging in their faces, Golden Retrievers are no exception to the signs of the time. A Golden Retriever’s sweet face will turn gray, moving into the senior phase, which typically begins around 7-8 years old. 

4. The Loudest Bark goes to a Golden Retriever.

Loudest bark on recordAn interesting fact about Golden Retrievers, they can definitely be heard. In the Guinness Book of World Records, a Golden Retriever holds the title for the loudest bark.  This pup’s powerful bark was measured at 113.1 decibels. That’s about three decibels louder than a chainsaw.

5. Golden Retrievers can help single guys get a date.Dogs are a great wingman for guys

It’s pretty well known that if you’re a single guy looking for a date, there is no better “wingman” than a dog, and a fun fact about Golden Retrievers, apparently they are the best dog breed for helping guys in the dating scene.


Buddy a Golden Retriever starred in the 1997 movie “Air Buds”. Many people thought some good old Hollywood magic was created to fool the audience into believing that Buddy was playing basketball, but that is not the case. Buddy was really playing basketball during filming and loved showing off his mad basketball skills on the court too. 

After Buddy crossed the rainbow bridge, his legacy continued through his puppies, the stars of “Air Buddies”. 

Another fun fact about Buddy, he also starred as “Comet” on the hit television show “Full House.”

It’s pretty clear that Golden Retrievers have a lot going for them and there is no end to their popularity for dog lovers. 

This blog was all about fun facts about Golden Retrievers you may not know.

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