Night Time Walks Are Lit With Headlight Harness for Dogs

Night time walks are going to be lit with Headlight Harness for Dogs.

Headlight Harness for Dogs

There’s nothing like taking a pleasant evening stroll with your dog after being at work, your dog being cooped up at home, or because it’s too hot to go walking during the day.

However, as the sun goes down, your surrounding neighborhood can get pretty dangerous with cars speeding by and poorly lit streets for drivers to see you and your dog walking or crossing the road.

I’ve read countless news articles about pedestrians being hit by cars at night due to poor visibility, and as a dog mom, it worries me anytime I have to take my dog, Julian, out at night.

This post will introduce and review Headlight Harness, a dog parent’s solution to keep nightly walks with your pup safer.

This blog is about Headlight Harness for Dogs.

Dogs Light the Way with Headlight Harness

What is Headlight Harness?

Bruno the Porch wearing his Headlight Harness for dogs

Headlight Harness is a dog harness that brightly reflects the lights of oncoming cars, lights up your walking path, and is water-resistant.

Watch the clip above of Bruno the Pomchi wearing his Black X-Small Headlight Harness.

Headlight Harness Inspiration

Cookie the Shih Tzu wearing her Headlight Harness for dogs

Headlight Harness for dogs was created in New Jersey by power couple Marilyn and Peter Pianelli. Marilyn and Peter’s mission through Headlight Harness is to keep pets and their owner’s safe while out at night.

The inspiration to create Headlight Harness came about after a scary incident on a nightly stroll with Marilyn and her pup. Marilyn’s dog slipped out of the harness he was wearing and was almost hit by a car after running away.

After that, Marilyn knew that she needed a dog product to keep her dog safer when out at night and something he couldn’t easily slip out of.

Watch the clip above of Cookie the Shih Tzu wearing her Orange Small Headlight Harness.

Headlight Harness Features

Mochi the Toy Poodle wearing her Headlight Harness for dogs

Headlight Harnesses are lightweight and fit comfortably on your dog. The harness is padded in the chest and belly areas and has four adjustable straps to adjust to your dog’s comfort and make the harness easy to put on.

This harness provides a no choke and no pull fit, giving your dog a more relaxed sensation when walking, and your dog will have a full range of motion for their front legs with no uncomfortable restrictions.

Watch the clip above of Mochi the Toy Poodle wearing her Pink X-Small Headlight Harness.

The Headlight Harness slips over your dog’s head, similar to putting on a T-shirt. This overhead placement and form-fitting style make it difficult for your dog to wiggle out and run away.

The highly reflective trim around the harness makes your dog easily seen by drivers on the road. The trim of the harness is so reflective that it looks like there’s a light surrounding the harness. You can easily tuck in any excess strap slack.

Jax the XL American Bully wearing his Headlight Harness for dogs

In addition to excellent reflectors, Headlight Harness has a small but powerful LED light on the chest plate that illuminates the ground in front of your dog’s path, allowing you to see anything you may want to avoid stepping in or on.

The LED light is mounted on the chest area of the harness. This lights the ground in front of your dog as your dog walks forward. You can turn on the LED light with a push of a button, and it is powered by a 9-Volt Battery.

The battery is enclosed in a water-resistant pouch located on the chest and accessible with a zipper.

Watch the clip above of Jax the XL American Bully wearing his Blue X-Large Headlight Harness.

The LED light puts out over 80 lumens which lights up a good amount of space and can easily be seen by any oncoming cars or fellow pedestrians.

Lumens are a measure of visible light energy and how LED lights are measured. It’s equivalent to Watts in standard light bulbs.

Xan the Doberman wearing his Headlight Harness for dogs

There are two leash attachment points on the harness, on top of the harness, and on the chest. The top leash attachment is sturdy to clip their leash or seatbelt when riding in the car.

Headlight Harness is available in four colors (Orange, Pink, Blue, and Black). Other color options may be available for a limited time, but don’t delay purchasing, as quantities are limited.

Watch the clip above of Xan the Doberman wearing his Black Large Headlight Harness.

Headlight Harness has a wide range in sizes from X-Small (dogs up to 10 pounds) to XX-Large (dogs up to 200 pounds).

Headlight Harness also has reflective double handle leashes, reflective dog collars,  reflective wrist bands, patches for existing harnesses, and gift cards to purchase on the Headlight Harness Online Shop.

Most products can be embroidered with your pup’s name for a nice custom touch.

I was gifted a few of these harnesses, and I chose a few fellow dog parents to try out on their pups for their nightly walks to get their thoughts on this product.

Cookie the Pug wearing his Headlight Harness

It was a unanimous “paws up” from all the dog parents and their dogs. Everyone was in agreement that the reflectors gave them a piece of mind with oncoming cars, and the chest light was convenient as many neighborhoods are poorly lit around the island.

Thanks to the chest light, our Pug Mom stated that it was easier to keep track and locate her pup at the park when he’s off-leash.

Watch the clip above of Cookie the Pug wearing his Orange Medium Headlight Harness.

My Experience with Headlight Harness

I first took this harness for my dog Julian to wear when we took a trip to Alexandria, Virginia.

The street where the hotel was located had terrible lighting, and it was difficult to see the areas where I took Julian for nightly potty breaks.

Julian the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel wearing his Headlight Harness for dogs
Julian the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel wearing an Orange Small Size Headlight Harness.

The weather in Alexandria was rainy and foggy; however, thanks to Headlight Harness, drivers could easily see him when we were crossing the street, and fellow pedestrians could see him walking on the sidewalk.

I now take Julian’s Headlight Harness with us on any mainland trips or if we are out and about on the island at night.

If you’re looking for a harness for your pup that fits comfortably and offers some great safety features, then be sure to check out Headlight Harness today.

Shop Headlight Harness online and use shop code ALOHA20 at checkout to receive 20% off your online purchase.

This blog review was about Headlight Harness for dogs.

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