How to Choose Dog Sunscreen the Right Way

Do you know how to choose the right dog sunscreen? Do you know the three key factors to look for when purchasing sunscreen for your dog?

How to Choose Dog Sunscreen

Like humans, sunscreen is the best way to protect your dogs from the harmful UV Rays of the sun and from preventable skin cancers. However, shopping for the right sunscreen for your dog can be a little tricky, especially if you don’t know what to look for and how to shop for the right sunscreen for your dog.

 As a dog mom, I never want to take a risk when purchasing preventatives or protections for my dogs, especially if there may be a risk that a product can contain something that can effect my dog’s health and well-being.

You will learn the top three essential factors to look for when shopping for sunscreen for your dog that many dog parents don’t know about.

After learning about the top three essential factors to look for, you will feel confident when shopping for dog sunscreen and providing the best sun protection for your dog.

This blog is about how to choose dog sunscreen for dog parents.

How to Choose Dog Sunscreen the Right Way

Dog Sunscreen Should NOT Contain Zinc Oxide Ingredient

Dog Sunscreen Should Have NO ZINC OXIDE

It is crucial to ensure the sunscreen you choose does not have zinc oxide as an ingredient.

Zinc is HIGHLY toxic to dogs. If ingested, by licking it off, your dog could develop Hemolytic Anemia, an autoimmune system disease in which the body attacks and destroys its own blood cells.

If your dog ingests Zinc, you need to take them to the vet immediately!

Sunscreen for Dogs Should Be Labeled as Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly Sunscreens

Look at the labels of the products and make sure that it is, in fact, pet friendly and that the sunscreen is made for pet use.

Never use human-grade sunscreen on your pets, as many contain ingredients that may harm your pup’s skin and/or cause an allergic reaction.

Some pet-friendly sunscreens on the market today worth checking out are Canine Sunscreen from Beach Dog & Co., Moisturizing Sun Spray from Bodhi Dog, and Dog Sun Skin Protector from Emmy’s Best Pet Products.

Dog Sun Block Should Contain Natural Ingredients

Shea Nut Butter Ingredient for Dog Sunscreen

Safe sunscreens for dogs will have natural sun blocking ingredients like raspberry seed essential oil, carrot seed essential oil, coconut oil, shea nut butter, or kukui nut oil.

Be sure to take the time and read the labels for all ingredients contained in your dog’s sunscreen.

Doggie sunscreen comes in various forms, from sprays, creams, balms, and wipes, so there are plenty of options to see which one works best for your pup and your budget.

Protecting your pup’s skin and preventing them from getting sunburned is one of the most critical steps any dog parent should be taking during the summer season or any time you plan on taking your dog out for some fun in the sun.

So the next time you plan a day at the beach or just out to catch some Vitamin D, don’t forget to apply some sunscreen for you and your pup.

This blog was about how to choose dog sunscreen the right way for dog parents.

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