How to Crush Taking Your Dog’s Picture

Want to take great dog pics? Want to learn how to take your dog’s picture without stressing out?

How to take dog pictures

Dog parents love to have pictures of their furkids and sharing them with fellow dog lovers. However, it can be a bummer when you are trying so hard but just can’t seem to get that perfect picture.

As a dog mom, I used to get frustrated when none of the pictures would come out right, but I also didn’t know that I was making taking pictures of my dogs harder than it needed to be. 

In honor of All American Pet Photo Day (July 11th), you will learn with this quick guide, tips, tricks, and ideas on how to crush taking your dog’s picture. Taking your dog’s picture doesn’t have to be complicated and a lot simpler than you think.

This blog is all about how to take your dog’s picture.

How to Take Dog Pictures with Easy Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

Be patient with your dog.Taking a dog picture

The most important thing to always keep in mind when taking pictures of dogs is to have patience. Don’t expect your dog to be camera-ready all the time. 

You might have a whole setup in mind or an idea for that perfect dog picture but be prepared that things may not go as planned.

Be ready to adapt and overcome.If your dog isn’t cooperating, don’t get mad. Just shrug it off, and try again later.

Let your dog do their thing.Easy dog picture

So many dog parents think their dog has to pose for each picture, making things harder for everyone involved. Forcing your dog to pose for pictures, especially when it doesn’t come naturally to them, will create a negative experience for your dog. They will be reluctant to take any pictures anytime they see your camera or phone come out. 

If your dog isn’t up to striking a pose, consider snapping pictures of your dog doing what they do every day. Photos of your dog playing, eating, sleeping, etc., can make for some of the most effortless and incredible dog pictures.

Posed pictures are great, but don’t underestimate the value of a picture of your dog lying upside down taking a nap, carrying around their favorite toy, or even getting into a bit of mischief.

Make taking pictures fun for your dog.Treat reward for your dog

Make taking pictures fun for your dog by giving them a tasty treat, displays of affection, or throwing their favorite toy for playtime as a reward for being a good sport and saying, “thank you for letting me take your picture.”

After a few rounds of pictures, your pup will learn to associate that taking pictures has positive benefits and channel their inner supermodel any time the camera comes out. 

Pet inspired tools can help get that perfect dog picture.Tricks for take a good dog picture

Taking your dog’s picture can be tricky when you’re by yourself; however, pet photography tools can help. 

If your goal is to get your dog to look directly at the camera, there are attachments for smartphones, like the Genuine Fred Howligans Woof-Pet Selfie Cell Phone Tool, that hold a treat to draw your dog’s attention to the camera. This tool is pretty handy when you need your dog to focus on the camera lens, and you don’t have a free hand to hold a treat.

Explore creative ideas to make your dog’s picture stand out.

Dog pictures with props
Thanksgiving Day picture with my dogs Julian, Penelope Jane, and Franklin wearing inspired holiday props.

If you’re looking to get a little more creative when taking your dog’s picture, costumes, accessories, or props are simple and easy ways to boost your pup’s pics. You can really go all out by incorporating photography backdrops that hang up or setting up an area around your home with decorations and props.

Look into dog toys for decorations and photography props. I often use dog toys as photo props and find fun, inexpensive dog toys at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Ross to use for my dog pictures.

Suppose your dog isn’t comfortable with wearing costumes or accessories or even feeling being next to any type of photography prop. In that case, you can always use filters, photo stickers, and gifs for a simple and easy alternative for added creative touches.

Check out your smartphone camera settings for dog pictures.

Take a picture of your dogDon’t worry if you don’t have a fancy professional camera to take pictures, smartphones today have great camera settings to achieve amazing pictures of your dog. 

Apple iPhone’s have a “LIVE” setting which enables you to take a few sequential pictures at one time to avoid those blurry pictures if your dog ends up moving at the last minute. I’m not a huge fan of using this setting and opt to just hold down the camera button to take a burst of pictures, especially if my dogs are on the move. The “PORTRAIT” mode will blur the background and make your dog the main focus of their pictures. However, I recommend playing with the feature first to get familiar with the placement of the photo’s subject. I noticed that the camera doesn’t always automatically focus on my dog or place the focus where I need it to be, so I have to make adjustments before taking pictures. 

Unfortunately I don’t own an Android phone or know about their operating system, but I have been told they have similar camera settings. 

Timing is EVERYTHINGDog posing for picture

When it comes to taking a great picture of your dog, you have to know that time is EVERYTHING. Getting the perfect picture of your dog doesn’t always happen right away or within the first three snaps of the camera shutter. 

Professional pet photographers will take a burst of pictures because they know they may not have nailed the perfect image right away. Still, that perfect picture will be in the group of pictures taken, so follow their lead when taking your dog’s photo. 

You might have to take 10 pictures of your dog to have that perfect picture, or you might surprise yourself with having more than five great pictures to choose from. 

Now you have learned how to take dog your dog’s pictures with this guide’s simple and easy tips, tricks, and ideas and can crush taking your dog’s picture every time. 

This blog was all about how to take your dog’s picture.

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