National Dog Mom’s Day: 5 Ways to Say “I’m Not a Regular Dog Mom, I’m a Fun Dog Mom”

In honor of National Dog Mom’s Day (Saturday May 8, 2021), check out my five easy and fun ways you can show the world that you’re not a regular dog mom, but a fun dog mom.

Dog Mom Apparel & Photo Credit: @ripleyandrue

You may not have a bumper sticker stuck to the back of your car that say’s your dog made the honor roll, but just like moms to human kids, dog moms like to brag about the fur kids or their current status, and “dog mom apparel or accessories” are a great way to do that.

From t-shirts to customized items with your dog’s face, wearing or toting around the latest dog mom apparel or accessory, definitely gives you a nudge in the “fun dog mom” category.

Jeannie (pictured above) is the mastermind and dog mom boss behind Ripley & Rue. She has had quite the hand in expanding my dog mom wardrobe with fun dog mom themed shirts, hats, and more.

Ripley and Rue carries lots of dedicated dog mom themed items you might be looking for, and is suited for all dog moms. They even have items for dog grandma’s, dog dad’s, and your pup.

Shop Ripley and Rue online and use code ALOHARIPLEYRUE to save 10% off your purchase (shop link below)

Ripley & Rue

Celebrating my dog Julian’s 7th birthday with his customized cake
by Paradise Pawz

Celebrating birthdays or life milestones are no different for dog mom’s. Dog mom’s want to celebrate each year we are blessed to have our furkids in our lives and recognize any achievements they may have like graduating from puppy obedience training, learning a new trick, and more.

It may sound silly and ridiculous to non-dog parents, but that’s their opinion and to each his/her own.

I love celebrating birthdays for my dogs or the dogs I take care of, and I don’t think twice about planning and organizing any festivities just like regular parents do for their kids. My dogs get presents and customized cakes.

My dog Julian turned seven this year, and I always throw him a themed virtual birthday party (it’s cost effective and all his doggie friends near and far attend) and get him a custom birthday cake. This year his birthday theme was “dogs in sunglasses” and Michelle from Paradise Pawz knocked it out of the park with his sunglasses cake with special treats that aligned with his dietary restrictions.

Want to learn more about what Paradise Pawz can do for your pup? Check out my previous blog review where I talk about my experience and showcase some of their special cakes and treats (link below)

Paradise Pawz Review

My pups Julian (top left), Penelope Jane & Cricket Jo (top right), Franklin (bottom left) and Penelope Jane (bottom right) getting into the holiday spirit.

Holiday festivities aren’t just for humans anymore, dogs are getting into the spirit of the festivities too.

Dog mom’s want to include their pups in holiday traditions like pictures with Santa or the Easter Bunny, going trick or treating, and more…and there’s nothing wrong with that.

It goes without saying that I include some of my dogs (not all because not all of them are up for posing for pics) for some holiday fun.

I set up a photo shoot with props, accessories or costumes, to bring the theme together. However, my dogs don’t stay in costume all day nor do I force them to dress up if they’re not feeling it. My four minions pictured above are well versed in the photo game and know that it’s a quick pic (I’ve been doing this for quite some time, so I’m pretty quick at getting that “perfect pic” within the first three snaps of my camera) and there’s a treat reward at the end.

If you have a pup that isn’t about that photo shoot life, don’t sweat it, you can still include them by using a simple bandana or photo stickers/gifs with the use of PhotoShop or apps on your smart phone.

Remember that it’s all about having fun and making memories, don’t worry about the dog haters have to say or if your dog is being a diva.

Matching apparel or accessories from Club Huey, Happy Dash Designs Co, Petco, & Dog Threads.

Be THAT fun and crazy dog mom and “twin it to win it” with your pup by wearing matching apparel or accessories.

Matching with your dog may be a little extra, but it definitely shows the world you’re not only a fun dog mom, but maybe a crazy dog mom too.

There are so many ways to match with your pup, like matching apparel, hats, hair accessories, masks and more!

I absolutely LOVE matching with my dogs and jump at any chance I get to be “twin-sies”. Online shops like Club Huey, Happy Dash Designs Co, and Dog Threads have some of the most fun apparel and accessories to choose from and typical have something for dogs of all sizes. Etsy is another great option to find matching items for you and your pup.

Be sure to check out your local small business shops or boutiques for matching items, that not only may save you on shipping, but is a great way to show your support for small business owners, which many could use right now due to the current pandemic.

Check out the shops mentioned above via the links below and get inspired to twin it with your pup.

Club Huey / Happy Dash Designs Co /

Dog Threads

Julian and I visiting the Big Apple in 2019 and getting to see The Brooklyn Bridge

Take an adventure with your pup and explore new places.

Ok that might be easier said than done, especially with all things going on with the current pandemic, but if you can (safely and without putting yourself or your pup at risk) get out with your pup and check out sites you two have never been to.

No you don’t need to jump on a plane and head across the world, consider looking at local cities or landmarks that you’ve heard about but have never seen in person. You’d be surprised what you can find right in your own backyard (so to speak).

I’ve been fortunate to have Julian by my side on my trips off island and have had the opportunity to see and visited places I’ve always wanted to go but hadn’t. I can’t tell you how much fun it was to explore (pre-pandemic) New York City & Brooklyn with my best friend, seeing historical sites in Washington DC, walking through Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida, bobbing and weaving through people in Las Vegas casinos, and even finding Julian, California (a small historic town in Southern California).

Up your dog mom game by taking a road trip or booking a stay-cation in a dog friendly hotel, spend some quality time together, and take pictures to document your adventures. You’d be surprised at just how much fun you can have with your dog and will cherish the memories created along the way.

I hope this blog have inspired some of you to take on some new ways to demonstrate what a fun dog mom you are and getting pumped to show it off to the world.

I’d like to end this blog by giving a shout out to all my fellow dog mom’s out there (I see you), doing the damn thing, and slaying the Dog Mom Life 🐾

Until Next Time!


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