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Losing a pet is never easy, and no matter the circumstances (accident, illness, or old age), it’s a struggle every pet owner will deal with at one time or another.

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When one of my clients or fellow dog parent has lost a beloved pet, I try my best to send a card, but I always feel like it’s a little impersonal and doesn’t convey the point of extending my condolences while letting them know they’re in my thoughts.

There are many ways to honor your pet, a friend’s pet, or a family member’s pet. You can donate to a pet charity, send flowers, plant a tree, leave toys at a dog park, or create a diamond from their ashes (more on that one in a blog topic to come).

However, time, money, or just wanting a simple way to ease the pain can be a little hard to navigate, at least until now, with the help of Pet House by One Fur All.

This brief blog product review is about the Furever Loved Memorial Candle from Pet House by One Fur All.


Forever Loved Memorial Candle by One Fur All
Product Picture Credit: One Fur All

Pet House by One Fur All company creates pet friendly candles, room sprays, wax melts, mini candles, and car air fresheners.

One Fur All’s products are cruelty-free, specially formulated for homes with pets, nontoxic to pets, and made in the USA.

Among line of candles, One Fur All has a memorial candle dedicated to those pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge called the “Furever Loved Memorial Candle.”

The candle has a scent with a mix of floral, citrus, honey, and vanilla. The candle comes in a small glass jar with words that best describe the sentiment of the loss of our pets mean.

The Furever Loved Memorial Candle is a beautiful way to pay tribute and remember that special animal companion who may be gone from our lives but will live forever in our hearts until we can be reunited again.

One Fur All Memorial Candle
Picture Credit: One Fur All

I was introduced to this company while attending my first professional pet industry trade show, SuperZoo.

I was looking at their fantastic display products while talking to representatives from the company, and, to be honest, this candle caught my full attention.

I thought the Furever Loved Memorial Candle was a simple yet, warming concept to have for yourself or as a gift to someone who has lost a pet.

I have gifted this candle to dog parents who have lost their beloved dog as a way to express my condolences and have this candle in my office to light on the anniversary of the passing of my dogs that have crossed the rainbow bridge.

One Fur All Forever Memorial Candle

Unfortunately One Fur All does not offer shipping to Hawaii, but you can purchase the Furever Loved Memorial Candle and many other of One Fur All’s products on Amazon.

If you’re looking to express condolences to a pet parent or wanting a way to honor one of your furry family members no longer with you, check out the Furever Loved Memorial Candle from Pet House by One Fur All.

Click Here to view the Furever Loved Memorial Candle of Amazon.

This quick blog product review was all about the Pet House by Fur All Furever Loved Memorial Candle.

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