Pets United: “The Perfect Way to Flaunt Your Pet”

Are you a crazy dog parent, or do you know one?

Customized Phone Case with my dog Julian

We love our dogs to bits and can’t get enough of them, so getting a custom product with our pup’s face on it, is one way to level up our “crazy dog parent” status.

Pets United is an online company with phone cases and bags you can customize with your pets (any animal) face on them.

Picture Credit: Instagram @petsunitedus

You pick the product, upload the pic you want, choose the background, and you are on your way to getting your very own product that’s unique to you.

Picture Credit: Instagram @petsunitedus

I love having custom products that have my pup’s faces on them, and the best part is it’s one of a kind!

I have customized phone cases, backpacks, and bags to show off the love for my dogs proudly, and Pets United products do not disappoint… look at the fantastic job they did on my bag featuring my pup Penelope Jane.

Customized Tote Bag with my dog Penelope Jane

Customized products make great gifts for fellow pet parents that demonstrate you are going the extra mile by gifting something that doesn’t come off the shelf from your local store or found in every dog parent’s life.

Thinking customizing might be too expensive, well, I have a solution for you!

Picture Credit: Instagram @petsunitedus

Pets United’s products won’t break the bank, but as a bonus, use code ALOHAROCKS15 to save 15% on your purchase (link below).

If you’re looking to add a special touch to your dog lover swag or maybe in need of a gift for a fellow dog parent, then be sure to check out Pets United today!

Picture Credit: @petsunitedus

Pets United (Shop Code ALOHAROCKS15)

Review Not Sponsored: Purchased my items with my own money.

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