Quick Guide to be a Kickass Responsible Dog Parent

February recognizes Responsible Pet Owners Month and I created this quick guide to for new and experience dog parents.

Scroll for some tips to brush up or inspire you to be a kickass responsible dog parent and taken on dog parenthood like a boss.

A dog with basic obedience is more welcoming than a crazy dog without a shred of training.

Places like restaurants, stores, parks, and more are not dog friendly because of the lack of well behaved dogs.

If you want more dog friendly places to visit with your pup, make sure to help them develop better manners and show your local community that dogs are great to have around.

Let your dog make the best impression to every human they meet by keeping them fresh and clean.

Matted coats and long nails is unhealthy for your dog and has the potential to cause some health issues.

There’s no need to give your dog a bath everyday, but dog grooming wet wipes or dog dry shampoo is an easy way to maintain your dog’s appearance in between baths or grooming appointments.

Taking your dog to get annual check ups is a great way to ensure your pup is healthy and catch any health issues that may arise or go unnoticed.

If your pup is not acting like their usual self, clearly sick, or injured, don’t hesitate or wait on taking your pup to the vet right away. Don’t jump on forums to see if you should take your pup to the vet as sometimes, some injuries or illnesses are time sensitive and getting medical help as soon as possible is crucial.

Let’s face it, vet visits aren’t cheap, so it’s important to budget wisely for those regular check ups or emergency vet trips. Set aside a little money aside each month or consider getting pet insurance to help with the visits.

Don’t relay on crowd funding or asking others to pay for your pup’s medical bills. Shopping for the latest trends or buying the latest gadget can wait, but your dog’s health shouldn’t.

Feeding your dog a healthy well-balanced diet is the one of the most important things a dog parent can do.

With so many dog food options out there and stressful to figure out.

Don’t worry about going broke with your dog’s food. Do a little research and choose a food that is healthy and affordable for your budget. Don’t feel bad if you can’t buy your pup the most expensive food out there. Times are a little tough for a lot of pet parents and you shouldn’t feel guilty for not being able to afford a certain diet for your dog.

How gross is it to reach for a drink of water, that has dirty water with floating bits in it? If you wouldn’t drink water like that, why you would you make your dog drink yucky water?

Keep fresh clean water in their bowls at home and bring some fresh clean water in a bottle for them when you are out and about, especially on those hot days.

Taking your dog to the park, your friend’s house, or an event can be great, but the worst thing is when your dog misbehaves causing all sorts of trouble.

However, what’s even worst when you just stand there and don’t do anything about it.

Don’t put yourself in a situation to get called out for not taking responsibility for your dog’s naughty behavior and then get all bent out of shape about it.

If your dog is clearly at fault for having bad manners around their doggie friends or destroys something at an event, be responsible and own up to it, even if it’s a little embarrassing.

Nothing is the worst than stepping on dog poop left behind, especially when it doesn’t belong to your dog in the first place.

If your dog goes to the bathroom, don’t be rude and leave it laying around. Clean up whatever mess your dog made as soon possible.

Take some clean up essentials with you every time you head out the door with your pup. Make sure you have doggie waste bags to scoop the poop right away.

Having a little pack of wet wipes comes in handy for those wet messes or to clean up your pup if needed.

As a responsible dog parent, your dog’s safety is one of your top priorities.

Look around your home and consider doggie proofing your surroundings. Put away anything that might cause them to get hurt or make them sick when you aren’t around to help.

Heading out the door with your pup? Make sure they have a secured collar or well-fitting harness with ID tags. Check your dog’s leash for any rips or wearing material. A good strong leash to securely fasten to your dog is important to have.

During an emergency, your pup can easily slip off or out of any ill fitting equipment and could lead to your pup getting hurt or going missing.

Dog parenthood just like traditional parenthood to human children is going to be done differently, and it’s ok to be different.

If someone raises their dog differently than the way you do, it’s alright, no need to get upset about it. As long as the dog is not in harms way, don’t act like a jerk and start forcing your dog parenting lifestyle down the throat of others.

Support your fellow dog parents and agree to disagree. Respect the differences among each other and focus on building each other up instead.

There has been enough madness going on in the world to cause extra drama for you and your fellow dog parents.

Share your thoughts below on ways you’re a responsible dog parent or how you plan to take on dog parenthood like a boss.

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