Raising Awareness for Shelter Dogs Across America

Like many dogs here in Hawaii, not all dogs have the luxury of a safe, warm, and loving home this holiday season.

That’s why I’m helping Front of the Pack and Best Friends Animal Society raise awareness of the shelter dogs across America who are still waiting for a family to call their own.

Meet Safira, who is currently staying at the Best Friends Animal Shelter in Utah waiting to find her forever home.

A fit and active girl, Safira loves to play with tennis balls and can often be found swimming!

She is a little shy with other dogs but her confidence is growing by the day with support from her friends at Best Friends Animal Shelter.

Safira is currently staying at a no-kill shelter, which means she will not be euthanized and will be kept safe until she has a place to call home, but sadly millions of dogs across America aren’t as fortunate.

Front Of The Pack and Best Friends Animal Society are working together to make every shelter in America no-kill by 2025, so that every dog gets the opportunity for a second chance.

So how can you get involved? A portion of every order placed at www.fotp.com goes towards supporting shelter dogs across America, and for the whole month of December this pledge has been doubled!

Together Front of the Pack & Best Friends Animal Society have already raised over $1000 since the beginning of December to help keep dogs like Safira safe until they find their forever home.

To learn more on how you can help, click the link here:

Don’t forget to check out your local animal shelter and see how you can help a dog looking for a forever home today.

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