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Recommendations from Aloha Dog Mom

This page lists my recommendations of pet products available for pet parents and pet lovers alike.

I have purchased, tested, and used each product listed below.

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This page features recommended products for pet parents or gift giving ideas for pet lovers.

Asobu Pet Water Bottles


Click Here to Shop Asobu Pet Water Bottles on Amazon*

Chill Paws

Chill Paws

Click Here to Shop Chill Paws

Shop Discount Code: Aloha15

Einstein Pets

Einstein Pets

Click Here to Shop Einstein Pets

5Strands Affordable Testing

5Strands Affordable Testing

Click Here to Shop 5Strands Affordable Testing At-Home Collection Kits*

Click Here for My Review on 5Strands Affordable Testing

Shop Discount Code: AlohaDogMom

Grandma Lucy’s

Grandma Lucys

Click Here to Shop Grandma Lucy’s

Shop Discount Code: LCAlohaDogMom10

Headlight Harness

Headlight Harness

Click Here to Shop Headlight Harness

Click Here for My Review on Headlight Harness

Shop Discount Code: ALOHA20

Jax & Cali

Jax and Cali

Click Here to Shop Jax & Cali

Kaykos Dog Shades

Kaykos Dog Shades

Click Here to Shop Kaykos Dog Shades

Click Here for My Review on KayKos Dog Shades

Shop Discount Code: Juju

K9 Sport Sack

K9 Sport Sack

Click Here to Shop K9 Sport Sack*

Shop Discount Code: AlohaDogMom10

Mella Pet Thermometer

Mella Pet Thermometer

Click Here to Shop Mella Home Pet Thermometer

Shop Discount Code: Bertha10


Pawnix Noise Canceling Headphones

Click Here to Shop for Pawnix Noise Canceling Headphones

Pets United

Pets United

Click Here to Shop Pets United * 

Click Here for My Review on Pets United

Shop Discount Code: ALOHAROCKS15

Poco Pet

The Poco Pet

Click Here to Shop The Poco Pet * 

Shop Discount Code: ALOHA

Pop Your Pup

Pop Your Pup

Click Here to Shop Pop Your Pup * 

Shop Discount Code: ALOHADOGMOMPOP10

Shed Defender

Shed Defender

Click Here to Shop Shed Defender

Click Here for My Review on Shed Defender



Click Here to Shop Spleash

Click Here to Shop Spleash on Amazon*

Woof Caps

Woof Caps

Click Here to Shop Woof Caps*

Shop Discount Code: ALOHADOGMOM10

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