Standing Up to Dog Hair with Shed Defender

We’ve all heard the saying “dog hair don’t care,” but let’s be honest here, some of us do care, especially if you’re continually vacuuming or taking a lint roller to your clothes.

Aloha Dog Mom Shed Defender Review

I’m the first to admit that all my dogs shed, some more than others, and it drives me nuts at times, but now I can get some relief with the help of a unique product on the market today…Shed Defender!

The Shed Defender is a bodysuit you slip over your dog, zips up, covers them from neck to the base of their tail, and down their legs.

The suit or onesie helps minimize the amount of dog hair you find everywhere by containing the hair inside the body-hugging suit.

The Shed Defender’s primary goal was to keep dog hair at bay, but the creator later found out many other benefits that came from this doggie bodysuit, thanks to his customer feedback.

In addition to helping with daily dog hair struggles, it also helps with reducing anxiety, relieving skin allergies or irritations, protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays, and much more.

You can’t tell by looking at pictures, the Shed Defender is very lightweight and made from an eco-friendly and sustainable spandex type of mesh material created from recycled plastic water bottles called Shed Tex. Also, Shed Defender is veterinarian-approved!

Shed Tex was developed by the mastermind and creator of Shed Defender, Tyson Walters. He created this suit in efforts to help dog owners with their dog hair struggles while keeping their dogs comfortable and cool when the weather is warm.

Shed Defender Creator Tyson Walters and Harley (Picture Credit: Shed Defender)
Shed Defender Creator Tyson Walters and Harley (Picture Credit: Shed Defender)

There are three styles to choose from:

  1. Shed Defender Original-Entire body coverage.
  2. Shed Defender Sport-Opening from the belly to the backend, giving your pup easy access to take potty breaks.
  3. Shed Defender Winter Fleece-Total body coverage like the original but with a French fleece lining to keep pups warm during colder temperatures.

Depending on the situation, my pup Julian will wear one of the three styles from this brand.

Julian wears the original when we are traveling on a plane to help keep him a little warmer since the inside cabin of an airplane can get pretty cold and to keep his hair from getting on anything should he happen to shake.

Julian wearing the Shed Defender Sports Style
Julian wearing the Shed Defender Sports Style

I put the suit on him to be courteous to the other passengers around us, and to avoid hearing any snarky comments from them, as I can easily be triggered when it comes to anything negative being said about my dog. It makes for a pleasant plane ride for everyone all around.

Julian wears the sport style when we’re walking around, driving, at parks where the grass might irritate his skin, and anywhere I want to try to keep the hair shedding down to a minimum.

The Shed Defender Winter Fleece is used when we’re on the mainland during the winter weather, and the temps are just a little too much for this island dog.

Julian wearing the Shed Defender Winter Fleece Style
Julian wearing the Shed Defender Winter Fleece Style

The fleece isn’t bulky or too heavy and gives him a nice extra layer to help keep him warm and easily layer under a jacket while still giving him the ability to walk around comfortably when we are out and about.

Whenever Julian is wearing it, without a doubt, I’m often asked what is he wearing and what is the purpose of the bodysuit. Most often than not, the majority of the people have never heard of this product but are definitely interested in getting one for their dog back home.

Does the Shed Defender eliminate dog hair 100%? No, but it will definitely cut down on the amount of clean up your needing to do and creates a friendlier environment when visiting friends or family that may not be so hot on having dog hair on their stuff.

Shed Defenders come in a large variety of sizes from “Mini” (dog 4-8 pounds) to “Giant” (dogs 150 pounds and over). 

The original style comes in a few selected solid colors (black, blue, red, and pink) and two prints (camouflage and plaid). They used to have a fun leopard print and tropical style print, but they no longer have them listed on their site.

Another great benefit to Shed Defender is with every purchase, a portion of their sales are donated to an animal shelter, rescue center, or adoption group through their Paw it Forward program.

A fun fact about this brand, they were featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and reeled in a deal when Shark Lori Greiner took a bite and agreed to their offer.

If this blog has piqued your interest to learn more about Shed Defender or ready to buy one for your pup, then head on over to their website or Amazon and see what this suit can do for you and your dog.

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