Super Simple Tips & Tricks to Get Pawesome Pictures of Your Dog

As dog parents, we can’t get enough pictures of our furkids and sharing them with fellow dog lovers. However, it can be a bummer when you just can’t seem to get that perfect pic.

In honor of All American Pet Photo Day (July 11th), scroll for some super simple tips and tricks to get pawesome pictures of your dog and start showing off your latest doggie photo shoot session.

Don’t expect your dog to be camera ready all the time. Keep in mind that your “photo shoot” may not go as planned no matter how hard you have worked on everything. Laugh, shrug it off, and try again later.

There’s no need to make things harder than they need to be by forcing your dog to pose for pics if it does’t come naturally for them or if they’re simply just not in the mood to strike a pose.

Snapping pictures of your dog doing their thing (playing, sleeping, etc.) make for some of the greatest pics.

Take the time to make taking pictures fun for your dog.

Giving a tasty treat or taking breaks for playtime is a great way to reward your pup for being a good sport.

Your pup will lean that taking pictures has its benefits and be more willing to channel their inner Cindy Crawford every time the camera comes out.

Don’t be afraid to get a little creative with your dog’s pictures.

Costumes, accessories, or props are simple ways to give your pup’s pics a little boost.

If your dog isn’t comfortable with wearing costumes, consider using filters, photo stickers, and gifs for some creative touches.

The “LIVE” setting on your smartphone’s camera enables you to take a few sequential pictures at one time to avoid those blurry pictures if your dog ends up moving at the last minute.

“PORTRAIT” mode will blur the background and make your dog the main focus of their pictures.

All American Pet Photo Day was created for pet parents of all species to get out there and share their favorite pics of their beloved animal companions and I hope my quick simple tips and tricks encourages you to take more pics of your pup and share them for all dog enthusiasts to see.

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