When the Future’s So Bright, Your Dog Needs Some Shades

I think I’ll go for a walk outside now, the sunshine is calling my name, but when you throw on your favorite pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes, does your dog have eye protection too?

We all know the harmful damage UV rays can cause to our eyes as humans, but did you know they can affect our beloved four-legged friends? There’s now a fun pet accessory that will protect your pup’s precious puppy dog eyes and keep them looking fashionable. KayKos Dog Shades!

KayKos Dog Shades hails from sunny California, and they got their inspiration after their precious and loving pitbull pup, Kayso, was out and about with her ohana and needed a little fashion pick-me-up.

These doggy shades not only bring smiles to all those around who see your pup but, most importantly, protect your pup’s eyes from UV Rays with a UV rating of 400.

KayKos Dog Shades look like old school Ray-ban sunglasses but come in lots of fun colors. There’s a cord that comfortably fits around your pups head and neck to secure the sunglasses in place. The glasses are incredibly lightweight and are available in three different sizes.

KayKos Dog Shades guarantees smiles, and there is no doubt about it. I have these dog shades for my pups, and anyone who sees them can’t help but smile (and snap a picture too). Seriously, who doesn’t love a dog in sunglasses?

My dog Julian is well known for wearing these shades and is often found showing them off in pictures on his Instagram account @goodjujuinhawaii.

I think these shades are must-have for any Hawaiian pup. Let’s face it, the sun here is crazy bright, and as dog parents, we don’t want our furry family members to suffer eye damage when out on a sunny beach day or hanging their head out the car window.

These shades also make for great photo props and getting cute pictures too.

We know we shouldn’t enjoy the sun without protecting our eyes, so why not do the same for our dogs?

You can buy a pair directly from their website (link below), and use code Juju at checkout for a discount on your purchase.

So when the future’s so bright you’ve got to wear shades, grab a pair for your furry best friend too!

KayKos Dog Shades: http://www.kaykosdogshades.com

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